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Mr. Darcy and Fraulein Maria and “Tiger King”

I love “Pride and Prejudice” and “The Sound of Music” and love the love in the movies and in Jane Austen’s books.  Much like the “Young and the Restless” another fictional story I like, they can be very unrealistic.  But … Continue reading

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Flood alerts and home ownership and PTSD

So when it rains it sometimes floods.  What should I expect when we don’t live  too far from the great Mississippi River? So here we are… after buying this house looking for flood insurance.  Buying a house is an exercise … Continue reading

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Spring time, sleep deprivation and Mother’s Day

So this cold and dreary river has finally warmed up!  Today for the huge garage sale days its supposed to be 67 degrees.  It really is beautiful her year round.  Spring has been amazing so far.  Beautiful flowers I didn’t … Continue reading

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Cheese Curds and Beer

Everywhere I turn around here I hear about Cheese Curds and beer.  I can have the previous cheese but no beer since there is a bun in the oven cooking for a little bit longer.  Not to mention I have … Continue reading

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Work and Economics

Work and Economics.

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Early morning and late nights

Maybe its the drinks of caffeine, but I can’t sleep.  However when I wake in the morning my mind feels so exceptional and attentive.  But I have been sleeping in because I have went to bed so late.  Friday I … Continue reading

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“You can’t quit now Guadalupe!”

I spent two weeks learning about Middle School and High School curriculum in VA.  It was grueling and time consuming, but over.  Then I had more homework after the actual class and the pre-work was fun too.  However it is … Continue reading

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The little wave

I live in a community where people especially our neighbors still wave at each other. It is nice to acknowledge another’s existence and caring. They watch out for us and we watch out for them. This morning I walked to … Continue reading

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One semester gone…more to come and Flax seed

So this is what I have been doing.  I got an A in my class.  I sat through observation and soon I will student teach wherever I can find a school that takes me.  I did a presentation on water … Continue reading

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Bionic Women

Since my husband has a job and insurance I am finally making it to the doctor and dentist.  It turns out I have…something suspicious in the pocket where one of wisdom teeth used to be.  So my Dentist is referring … Continue reading

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