Bionic Women

Since my husband has a job and insurance I am finally making it to the doctor and dentist.  It turns out I have…something suspicious in the pocket where one of wisdom teeth used to be.  So my Dentist is referring me to a Oral Surgeon to see if it is Cancerous.  What?  I have no pain but you can really see it on the xrays.  He says dont worry, but get it checked out.  Too strange, I had my wisdom teeth when  I was 16 and looked like a chipmunk for a couple days.  Oh joy, more news later.


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Busy bee, wife, mother and friend. Love the lord with all my heart!
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1 Response to Bionic Women

  1. blankenmom says:

    You one of several people I’ve talked with lately having a cancer scare. He’s right, don’t panic, there are lots of other things it could be. But in the mean time, prayers will be said. 😉

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