Drivers, friends and Donkey Brains

The eldest officially driving. It makes me so nervous. She is a very cautious driver and she will be good. It makes me feel old, although I have friends whose kids are in college and others having babies.

My dreams of my Dad are still happening and I don’t think they will ever end. Sometimes it feels like it was just yesterday. How could I have deleted my last voice message from him? My uncle Felix has been messaging me about family member and sending pictures of my Grandfather in Puerto Rico. He was handsome like my Dad. So I have also talked to his sisters, and cousins in Spanish and English, depending on where they are. So amazing to see who they are and learn about their lives.

About 6 weeks till in-service days start. My textbooks and my plans and other goodies are in my trunk still. I feel like if I bring them in, it will be time to really look at them and do more planning. We are going back to a normal schedule pending any other COVID issues.

Yesterday for the first time in a long time I literally rested on the Sabbath. My husband went to the store for parts for the teenager’s Volkswagen and food to cook for breakfast. I painted my nails which is rare. Then went to the state park close by and walked for over 45 minutes. I got home in time to watch the EURO Cup 2020. I am glad Italy won, but I’m still impressed with England. Literally I sat down for hours and then tried to take a nap, but I had a headache that made last night sleeping difficult. After some food and medicine I am feeling a little better,

I feel I have fallen away from Church. I have been to Mass a few times, but during COVID we didn’t go much at all. One reason was after having surgery last summer I was worried about infection and also getting COVID. I realize he is always with me and hears my prayers. I know he hears the prayers and sometimes I am so tired I believe I drift off while praying. I’ve been trying to pray while doing other tasks and to not complain about doing housework. Sometimes I feel like I am the only one keeping things up inside the house. Soon my hub will be changing schedules again. Going to 7on and 7off. One reason is a friend and coworker had brain surgery and has Cancer. They laughed about “Donkey brains” from Its always sunny in Philadelphia. So my hub is covering his old job which his friend has now, but is probably getting Chemo or radiation in the future after recovery from surgery. So who knows. He’s doing his current job as well as his old job, while he recovers and praying that he gets better while his wife is also pregnant for the first time with their first baby. So there are many prayers to be said. One more that is very important is my dear friend Sarah who is pregnant with her second child. We are the same age, and God willing will have a easy healthy 2nd trimester.

Lastly my Mom sent me a picture of a rainbow and she was smiling! She looks so happy with this smile on her face and this makes me so happy. I know her boyfriend took the picture and I pray this continues. I have not seen her this happy. I think of all the hard times we have had as a family and now I am so glad God has blessed her.



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