Weight of it all and napping

So if 2020 and 2021 was weird, bring it on 2022. We have some time to make it weird too I bet. While our school never closed as a whole, we did many ways of teaching. Kids in the classroom and at home on zoom. Some working and many not.

Having a certified teenager driving with an attitude. Do we allow her to work? How many students work? I didn’t work till my Senior year.

Generally there are many things to think over and I feel like I don’t have a partner to discuss it all with. A person with PTSD, short-term memory loss and traumatic brain injury and a general negative attitude. So one should take this with a grain of salt and know how to deal with such a person. No positive affirmations or caring. I know I have many people who care. 44 has been a year to remember.

Pushing myself to help myself is difficult without my cheerleader.

So its Forgiveness day. A friend who I last talked to since 2016 contacted me. After the death of her brother and Mom, we chatted. Then nothing for years. No we chat through letters. I have gotten over and forgive her for the last time we were together. Moving on.

Missing my father, take no crap, man brought up in the Bronx. I really need you straight words. No wishy washy advice.



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Busy bee, wife, mother and friend. Love the lord with all my heart!
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1 Response to Weight of it all and napping

  1. Daniel Brown says:

    Yes, the last year or so was quite weird. (It was also my 44th year, coincidentally.) Even if it feels like you don’t have people to share with, many others would understand what you’re going through, especially other Spanish teachers! Of course, we can’t take the place of your dad. I find that writing a blog helps me work out some issues. As does napping, of course. ¡Mucho ánimo!

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