Critical Input and the Spanish Inquisition

Spending hours on making my PPG and SLO goals for School and Spanish is making my mind hurt. The house it quiet and empty of kids. The hub took them to the movies. Maybe Ghostbuster movie? This was done to give me peace and quiet. However I could just cry.

Three years have passed since the death of my Dad. He would have been 75 on 3 NOV. I have concluded I have acquired his temper. “No one expects the Spanish Inquisition”. My husband reminds me of this and we laugh. Waves of emotion come unexpectedly. Sometime laughs, sometime tears. Today angrily doing the dishes that sat overnight in the sink. What would my Dad do? Push on. Yes Drill Sargent I see the light…..We are to live and to remember those who we loved and lost. We are to suffer, as my Catholic faith would remind me. I’ll put two silver coins in.

My concern is, am I making a difference in someone’s life by teaching Spanish? Are my kids resilient when dealing with my Spanish temper? I need to find better ways to handle my stress according to my doctor after discussing my 2 cm aneurysm. Not to worry….will follow up every year to make sure it hasn’t enlarger. I believe exercise and prayer are some of my likes. However it is I and only I who can get off my rear to lose the spare tire I carry. Or as a 1st grader asked “Are you having a baby”? Time to get my fitness on and stress less. Maybe combined with Yo Yo Ma, and Salsa music the old me will come back. I miss my cheerleader Rafael Guadalupe. Yep Dad Yanks were eliminated, Raiders are ok, Gruden out and I think the Razorback will actually head to a bowl game for the first time since 2015.

Off to eat in peace in my pajama pants.



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1 Response to Critical Input and the Spanish Inquisition

  1. Daniel Brown says:

    All of us who are teachers can relate to having a short temper these days. None of us are doing our best teaching. Yes, prayer and exercise help, if we can make the time to do them. And yes, you’re making lots of people’s lives better by teaching Spanish. We often lose sight of the effect we’re having on people. But your job is important. You are important. Take care of yourself so you can continue to help others. Un saludo. Que Dios te bendiga.

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