Why is it that nuts are really around this time of year? Roasted and salted or sugar and spice.

This afternoon I went to the Post Office with no issue, just a lady with a proper smile. So that was nice! I drove my daughter Red Beatle. It is fun to drive and cute. 2009 I believe.

We had a plumbing problem that put us in a hotel for three day and now we are back and more snow is coming. On the way to drop off dogs at kennel for the holidays the puppy barfed on the husband while I was driving. So we had to stop for new clothes and hold off on lunch that we just picked up to get rid of the smell.

Earlier last week on Tuesday before the break from teaching I got pulled over by a state trooper. Just a warning. My poor youngest started crying…I think she thought I was in serious trouble.

So it was a eventful week. We cancelled the trip to Branson and no seeing relatives in Arkansas for now. Not sure if the plumbing bill will be a doozy. I hope everyone is having a good break especially my fellow teachers who needed a mental break. Back to semi resting today.

On my last note. My God-parents we lived across the street in Panama on Albrook Air Force base had a son named Tony, Benito. He passed away in the last week. He was a little older than my brother. Our families and others in the neighborhood had some great “Parandas”, moving parties during the Christmas season at all hours singing in the front yard until my parents answered and everyone even the kids went on the with the moving party in our PJ’s while people danced, drank, eat and played music. These were fun time to remember. Betty and Ricardo, I am so sorry for the loss of Benito. May he rest in peace.



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