The term “Going Postal”

Every time I go to the PO I get irritated. You don’t really hear going postal anymore…..but trust me people are chapped. I have stuff to mail, pick up or stamps to buy. The one office close by has two people that I have seen work in the office, but they both take off during the lunch hour. The one I went to in a larger town nearby doesn’t open until 0830. In this office they don’t have a lunch hour but when I came back at 0832 there was a line out the door, with one lady working who was pleasant. However everyone just stood there like they expected this wait. No wonder this place has financial problems. I could go to (this is not an add for them). Or I could go to a shipping store who does fantastic work. Poor me wants to give them a chance and to see if they may change, but every time I am disappointed. I don’t expect amazing customer service, just maybe being open for working people after work and during lunch hours. If this is not available please make the machine available during these times and we won’t need a person. I do have respect for all those delivering mail and this included a family member. So keep up the great work!



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