“You can’t quit now Guadalupe!”

I spent two weeks learning about Middle School and High School curriculum in VA.  It was grueling and time consuming, but over.  Then I had more homework after the actual class and the pre-work was fun too.  However it is all over.  We had a group project in both classes and a single presentation in each one.  I get so nervous sometimes.  I thought speaking in Spanish to English speakers was difficult, but my primary tongue/lengua English in front of peers not kids or specifcally 6-12 graders was rough.  We had fun and made good presentations, but I feel I can work on my speaking skills.  I always feel so judged and rightly so, they are kids and teachers.

Being in a Christian University is amazing and so different from the state school I went to where people didn’t pray in class.  We opened with scripture most days and prayed prayer requests of people in my class.

The hub is liking the new job and plans are still in the work to move….in the future.  

My other big project is working on my health and weight loss.  I did a week challenge and lost three pounds and continued to do Weight Watchers.  My one concern with WW is not what to eat is what combinations and meal plans and how to make things healthier.  With the challenge I had recipes given and now I have a variety of ideas and meals to make for me and the kids.  Another big thing is keeping my girls busy and active.  Hoping to help the eldest shed some weight.  She is heavier than she should be, but she is 9 and getting taller.  We have made it back to Karate and she does well and tries hard.  So I think this is helping her confidence.  But what it comes down to is her examples, her parents and others that surround her.  We have to be an example of health for her.  So we have done some tapes together and I have given her some new things to try and eat, that are healthier than the typical food that has been around here for years, while my hub and I have been overweight for awhile.  We didn’t get this way over night, nope.  Mainly its that we are inactive.  Its 606  Pm(1806) and its 96 degrees here.  We just went over to the park across the street with the dogs and now they are dog-tired.  We are all sweating and red faced flushed.  My heart and body can’t wait to see the NW again with some cooler weather.  Although I am reading they are having a heat wave right now, which is just the normal humid sweaty 90 degree weather here. 
My intestinal fortitude is lacking these days.  I have to be able to motivate myself, to strive for something.  We all have something we are shooting for.  Its just not about looking better or fitting better in a swimsuit, or to look like I did 20 years ago, but to love myself for who I am.

After receiving new about working at the school I am aiming to work at in the fall, I was so excited but when I went to reach for the phone to tell that special someone, they are not there to experience my joy.  We email and have calls at random when he is not staring at an ocean or whales.  I know it will work out, but I am so out of sync.  I don’t expect to look like Penelope Cruz, but I want to get my body back, especially if we attempt to have another….wait….baby. Mainly for health reasons, I want to lose more weight.  So this is the journey I am on again for health and for my family.  

I will start in August part time I believe.  Then in January, officially Student-Teach!  Then in May, graduate with my Masters in Teaching.  The dream seems reachable this time.  I have put it off or it has been moved a few times, but I see the light….(Drill Sergeant I see the light…haha). Anyway so many people have taught me valuable lessons, such as the 1st Sergeant who walked with me on a final march uphill for a mile.  His words still in my head today “You can’t quit now Guadalupe!”

-Adios mis amigosDrill Sergeant


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