One semester gone…more to come and Flax seed


So this is what I have been doing.  I got an A in my class.  I sat through observation and soon I will student teach wherever I can find a school that takes me.  I did a presentation on water and the Westward Expansion.  I know wild exciting stuff, but I love it and I love history thanks a history I had many moons ago, name Mr. Holton.  I did send him a Thank you for being someone I look up to.  I remember playing war games in his class and also the many other demonstrations in his class that kept me intrigued.  
So glad the gov may be up and running, seeing how part of what we are surviving on is paid from the VA.  The hub is feeling better, taking more meds, but still having stomach issues.  Not to mention other lingering pain for the rest of his life.  Tis life for an Airborne man!  

On another note, I am back to running and working out again.  Its slowly coming off and I sleep so much better.  I also have found yoga great.  I need to find some other tapes that aren’t insane.  Beginning Yoga is perfect for this 37 year old.  I feel so good afterward.  I get weird looks from the kids and hub, but its worth it.  Also had a smoothie with flax in it and I love the nutty flavor.

The family is alright while I am earning min wage doing after-school care, until maybe I can get my foot in the door.  Paying down debt however is slow process when I am earning min wage, until I become a certified teacher.  God has guided us all.  Our days are looking up and I know he is guiding our will.  For all my family and friends struggling to feed their kids, we will all get through this one day and look back knowing we are stronger.  Cutting back on our spending really isn’t that hard, but can be a challenge on your priorities.  So who knows…we can do this.

God be with you and your families!


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Busy bee, wife, mother and friend. Love the lord with all my heart!
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