Cheese Curds and Beer

Everywhere I turn around here I hear about Cheese Curds and beer.  I can have the previous cheese but no beer since there is a bun in the oven cooking for a little bit longer.  Not to mention I have been taking my glucose for Gestational Diabetes. What a whole wrench in this baby thing!  Seriously I am taking it serious and have so much to learn.

However having an adult beverage is really attractive.  But I keep reading and “They” say its bad.  The French drink wine.  But for me and the babies safety I better be safer than sorry. Oh well, your German beer wait!

I am such a novice at his whole counting carbs, protein and stuff. I got started around Halloween which was torture too.  Not to mention I am finally starting to look pregnant not just fat. Yes, its official I am overweight and this contributed to Gestational Diabetes and Diabetes is on both side of my family.  So its necessary to kick its rear when this baby comes out, for my health.

At the same time I am taking two more graduate courses, signed up for the Praxis II again, and I need to do one more step for Sub Teaching.  Its madness here.  Appointments for me, the kids, and school.

The oldest was referred to the Orthodontist. Needless to say we got a really expensive estimate of what this Orthodontist wants to do with her teeth. My hub had a mild seizure when I showed him.  He wants a second opinion and to change our Dental Insurance during open enrollment. Poor kid has a similar situation to my teeth.  So its going to be interesting for her too. The doc was a bit different, old, and somewhat funny.  Should we go to someone younger?  And  the Deductible resets in December.

So we move and its one thing after another financially.  I know all will be provided but I have had some heated conversations with my hub over finances. It just stresses him out, especially someone with PTSD.  So its better I handle the checkbook. Having money, paying off debt, and it just sucks being an adult sometimes.  We have all these dreams of things we want to do, but in time it will happen.  Baby steps, one day at a time.

Being alone gives me plenty of time to be super emotional and hormonal. I have met the kids teachers and few other parents, and some people like our neighbors from church.  Other than these people, I am a hermit in a town of 938. The town is full of Bars, one gas station and a few art galleries.  Its mostly blue collar and few of retired farmers.  I am still getting used to “Yah” and “You Know!”  When I call someone Mam’ or Sir, sometimes I get weird looks. I gave up on Sweet tea for two reasons, gestational diabetes and I can’t find any that doesn’t taste like yuk.  But they do love their Beer and Brats here.  The family tortured me at German Pub a few weekends ago, where I had a yummy sandwhich while staring at their beer choices.  Brats and any type of sausage cooking makes me sick to my stomach. Its just a super Northern adventure.  I miss many things, but even with the cold weather I think I am going to love this place.  Say it ain’t so. People are nice, friendly for the most part, even funny, pretty straight laced.  Men and women cause like Sailors. The trees and weather make me think of Washington.  It makes me homesick of BG. The homes are beautiful and for the most part people keep up with their stuff and take care of their  old homes with beautiful covered porches.  Everyone for the most part has a nice yard, nothing on blocks here or crap everywhere.  People take care of their business. Its nice to see.

My main concern is how my kids will really adjust.  What are they really learning here?  Who are these kids around here?  Are they teaching them stuff I don’t want to hear about at this age. A few seem rough around the edges. I remember the 5th grade.  Ahh braces and glasses, next to Willy who helped me laugh about it all! I remember the Challenger blowing up that year.  Times have sure changed.  Some of my daughters friends have cell-phones, but I am not going there. I don’t care. What does she need it for?  I don’t even need my phone.  Call me old!  I miss being able to walk to school, chatting, sending written notes. Sitting outside in the front talking instead of texting each other.  Or talking on the phone with the large extension cord, till someone yelled for me to get off.

Lastly I miss my Mom, who is coming for  Thanksgiving. Sadly even my husband shows emotion of missing his parents too. He has a heart after all!  It is scary and fun in ways being the new person, not knowing where anything is. Its a test, a game. But interesting.  So far so good. Cheese curds anyone?



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