Spring time, sleep deprivation and Mother’s Day

IMG_1815So this cold and dreary river has finally warmed up!  Today for the huge garage sale days its supposed to be 67 degrees.  It really is beautiful her year round.  Spring has been amazing so far.  Beautiful flowers I didn’t see when we got here last year in September.
Once a year everyone gets their stuff out and has a giant garage sale or rummage sale in the towns along the Mississippi River.  I debated doing it myself. However I am not as prepared as I should be.
We are in the process of looking for a home to buy.  So I think next year we will be in a great position to have one after looking through all our crap.  Someones trash is another mans treasure.  So who knows. I feel its not trash but mostly clothes that we have out grown or don’t wear on a daily basis.

The newest edition to our family has kept me so busy and so sleepy.  Sleep deprivation is an understatement.  I could fall asleep taking mortar rounds right now I believe. But now its the sound of the baby that wakes me every 2 1/2 to 3 hours.  The first few weeks I was so cranky, but now my hormones have evened out more.  I am not so crabby, but just a little cranky. Add to this my husband is traveling more and so I am once again doing this by myself.  It has taken many evenings of prayer and moments of saying “Serenity now” to make it through while watching him sleep (When he is here) since he has this full time “Job”. As if this job of mine isn’t a real job.  I really feel this way sometimes and not appreciated.  Is this the hormones speaking? Even if I had another full time job again, I would still be performing the same tasks and working 40 hours. It doesn’t change.  When someone does say “Hey you are doing a great job” its because through tears I mentioned I don’t feel appreciated.  So I don’t take it as appreciation when I mentioned it in the first place.  Its like receiving flowers from someone after you tell them”You don’t send me flowers anymore….”Sing it Barbara!” Then they send you flowers…I digress.

Where is the optimism?  Its a must to continue to look forward to what is to come.  This is what keeps me sane.  I know God promises us hope, so in this I find comfort.  However this sleep deprivation leads me to weird, laughable conversations in the middle of the night when I am wearing mismatched clothes, not PJ’s but what ever doesn’t have spit up or peanut butter from someone’s lunch on it. These conversations usually start serious but end up wacky and funny when we try not to laugh because we can’t wake a baby who finally fell asleep after so much gas! Bowel movements are our subject matter on most days.  Who have I become?  Mother’s Day is coming up and every year my husband says “You aren’t my mother”…yeah that’s right, but I sure pick up after you a lot.  So I don’t expect anything special gifts, probably just more dishes and dirty laundry. Happy Mother’s Day to all and to the Men who do fill in for mothers who are not around for whatever reason.  To all the Mother’s laughing through tears..I feel you!  “The best is yet to come!”


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Busy bee, wife, mother and friend. Love the lord with all my heart!
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