Old men and tough times…


Yep, there is work to be done.  The craziness ensues around here.  Just last Monday we had 4 inches of snow and today in the 60’s.  Mother Nature sure is confused as well as the people of Wisconsin.  I apparently made it thru my first winter, mind you a very mild one. I keep getting reminded from elderly people tell me this is not like the 70’s!  No its not!

1 week till baby d-day.  I feel it may come early but the date is on and I can’t help feel like I need to do a million things, but actually I should just sleep like a hibernating bear and build up a storage of sleep.  But that’s not gonna happen, because I keep myself up at night making mental lists of stuff that should be done before another member of the family arrives. In due time she will arrive and I will once again learn to go with the flow.  I keep looking at little baby socks thinking “More laundry and I am ready for another kid to tell me they are looking for something,  or another person to come chat with me while using the bathroom!” We have two bathrooms but wherever I am, something follows me, whether a dog, hub or girls needing something from me.  But I guess one day I will miss their crazy questions, their silly fighting over weird things, their advice, and attitudes.

Yesterday all these thoughts seemed more profound when my Step-mother called to me that my Dad had been admitted into the hospital with chest pressure, and high blood pressure.  This is the man I remember in his fatigues (Shining his boots) or Class A’s, or getting up to jog in the mornings.  The Puerto Rican who drinks coffee with his leche. His sarcasm lives on thru me and I am not sure sometimes if my kids get it.  He is a tough old goat who will get thru this. He says on the phone “I am good” in his Bronx accent.”Don’t worry about me” he says.  Today he may get a stent, but we won’t know until the tests are done.  I find myself sharing sayings with my kids  and they laugh and look at me funny!  My abuelo lived to 97 in Puerto Rico still smoking cigars and drinking rum.  He got killed by a drunk driver in an accident at an intersection.  My other abuelo got killed as well by a drunk driver in El Paso Texas on his way from Christmas vacation and he died on the surgery table.  So yes God I got it “Don’t drink and drive!”  My abuelo Nicanor rolled and smoke un-filtered cigarettes and they both worked their asses off.  Luciano was a retired Puerto Rican Police Detective and Nicanor a Janitor and farmer back in the 50′ and 60’s.  What a bunch of tough men from a hard generation. In my opinion my Dad’s best advice is “To stand up for yourself and if ever offered a position to lead or to work hard, do it to your best ability!”



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