Moving vans, dancing, friends and Wisconsin


In a couple of weeks we are off on another adventure.  I can not wait since I am at home with two kids and a two dogs while I pack.  The goal is to keep the kids busy while I pack boxes and more boxes.  It sounds reasonable right?  So far I am almost done with one room.
I am going thru stuff that has been here since 2013, not to long but most of this stuff we have had for over  7 years and some for 11 years. It brings back many memories of many good times and some hard times we have had.  We have been broke, we have worked two jobs, sometimes I worked three jobs before I was married.  Now we completely  value the importance of education.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be a college education, but life skills.  Whether becoming a plumber or Dentist, teacher, or Geologist, they all have their place in our world.  As a teacher I plan to push this so much more.  If you are a floor guy and want to install floors, find out everything you can and the business aspect of it.  Learn everyday, learn something new everyday if you can.  It will keep that brain fresh!

Next month we will have been married for 11 years.  Two kids, two dogs, two Bachelor degrees and two Masters Degrees that we are still working on.  11 years of sarcasm and love.

This husband of mine is something! He is working so hard for us.  I am not going to lie, this last year has been grueling.  If it wasn’t for teaching and school work I would be more crazy than I am now.  He spent a year in Alaska on a ship as an Hydrographer and now off to Wisconsin.  It was a sacrifice for both of us and the family.  It was difficult to be without a dad and husband. I knew how this was when I was younger with my Dad in the Air Force, but being a wife and mother now is very different.  Am I doing the right things?  Will my kids need therapy from watching me cry at Hallmark movies or the sight of me dancing in the kitchen.  I don’t know but whatever takes my mind off being away from the man I married 11 years ago.  Soon again we will be together…will we want to strangle each other…who knows?
The idea of a cooler Wisconsin sounds so good right now seeing how last weekend I was in Dallas and literally is was 106 degrees, not that heat index, but the actual temp.  Here in Arkansas its only a balmy 93.  I look forward to some colder weather.  Everyone who hears we are moving says, “Whoa its gets very cold and those winters are harsh!”  I then say “I look forward to the cold weather.”  I dislike taking a shower and instantly sweating the minute you walk to your car. Whats wrong with me you ask?   I was born on the equator or nearly on the equator in Panama and it was hot and humid there.  I was a kid, we played outside a lot and swam and there was a breeze.  It was tropical all the time.  Here there is two seasons, hot and not so hot, but always humid.  A part of me will miss this state and the people I have met and the friends I have made.  Both of my kids were born here.  I met my husband here, so I am a southern implant, but I look forward to the North.

How different will this be for us?  We know one person in the next state over, our best man in our wedding and one of my hubs best friends.  This will be good for them, who experienced a tour of war together with the 173rd.  The gents have our backs.  The guy who drove 17 hours from Fort Bragg to get my husband drunk and sunburned before my wedding. This is was Army buddies do, don’t they? We have experienced, weddings, funerals, breakups, births, and lots of drama among all these gentleman and their families.  I would say they are a tight group. To this day many struggle to understand how they stay so close, this bond of war that bound them.  I recently watched “American Sniper” and thinking about it later I think many people try to understand like me, is how there is such a bond between these men, whether or not they wanted to be there or not?  I am pretty sure they would do most things asked of each other at the drop of a dime.  This I can totally respect.  They understand each other and they can talk about stuff I don’t understand. Sometimes I think it’s better I don’t know. Knowing death and living.  We are trying to understand living now while I know every day they still remember the time of constant death and sorrow that they experienced during this one tour. This among many other tours they all had around the world.  Now how do they live as civilians?

How will we do this in Wisconsin?  Its just another start for us.  I shall be looking soon for another teaching job or contemplating homeschooling.  We will weigh our options!  For now I can’t wait to not sweat so much! Watch out kids Mom is still going to dance in front of the fan!

-Adios for now

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Work and Economics

Work and Economics.

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Work and Economics

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Back to Alaska for my husband. Tour number tour.  More mapping to be done. We are sad….One year we have seen him twice.

So it comes as no surprise to myself that I have not updated in awhile because it has been complete chaos here. The hub is applying for jobs on land so we can see him more than twice a year.  Mind you its a fantastic job and has helped him work on his Masters Thesis and Masters project.  Apparently a year on this ship is normal and many people try to move on to different positions or to a different organization.  Its not a job that is great for families.  Especially if you are trying to grow one.
This topic is heavy on my heart.  Only twice in one year makes it difficult to have more children. This month I felt bad and thought I was pregnant, but alas…nope. Sad days.  Sadly I know I shouldn’t compare myself to others but its spring and there are babies everywhere.  Going to be 39 over the summer.  Feels like my odds are getting worse.  Either way its God’s will when and If we will have any more.

So back to studying for my re-take of the Praxis II, where I need to study more on Economics and Psychology to raise my test score to 161 from 157 to pass. The odds are looking good for a job in the DC/Baltimore area for the hub. If not plans to move to Oregon are still there, but we will still be without the hub who is off to the Arctic and back to Alaska. I think Jacques Cousteau whenever I picture this boat! So far thru pictures we have seen some beautiful parts of the world. Now they are off to survey them some more.
School has truly kept me so busy.  PE is very fun, sometimes frustrating but good to help kids get active. Still my love is in the afternoon with Social Studies and reading. I think being a Librarian would be great as well.  But teaching is wonderful as well.  I love hearing their ideas and funny stories.  However it can be mentally taxing knowing some kids are not so loved at home as I had imagined some were.  A good mustache is in place for some of them where some little hearts are being broken. They put on a great front, but things are rough for some of them.  Some act out in ways to get attention.  It drives me sad. I will never forget how cool it was to see my mom helping in the library as a kid.  I may have not said it, but I loved it.  So being in my eldest classroom is fun, but also confusing sometimes for her. The wee little one is having separation anxiety too, so its a double edged sword.  Anyway, I love what I am doing but I can totally see where burnout comes for teachers who work so hard for their students. I know this is hopeful but to have parents who push them to do their best is what is helpful.  Sadly I know not every student has this, but it helps them so much.
More later while things are cooking!


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Back to the Dentist


Yep this is what I imagine when I think of the dentist!  Half of my crown came off last March and I am now I finally got it together to call the Dentist for an apt. I really dread it.  Just half of it came of while I was having lunch in my classroom of 4/5 year olds.  It was awesome to pull it out of my mouth, then I had to explain what it was. Needless to say I was irritated.  I loved the previous dentist in LA who put it on and it looked lovely and the experience in itself was nice for a change.  However he felt obliged to tell me on an xray that there is a spot on my xrays that looked odd and that I had checked out for CANCER.  However after some cash later it looks fine.  But if I ever came down with CANCER I should mention this area of my jaw as well.  WHAT?  It was a weird experience in Baton Rouge.  Since the 6th grade in Washington I have been going to the Dentist and Orthodontist. Yes I love my teeth now, but they had some serious work done. So I try to take care of them, but I scared to spend more time again in that dentist chair!

I have been teaching PE and it has been great!  Then in the afternoon I assist in the 3/4th grade classroom.  Its such a good experience and I learning so many techniques and also getting to know students quirks and attitudes about everything.  My heart breaks for those who struggle mentally, emotionally and physically at doing different things.  Each of them has their own gift and also certain struggles.  It is amazing to watch them carry their crosses.  Interesting as well is to see my daughter.  She is a good student, yes I am bias.  But recently I had a conversation with another student about doing their best.  I asked has anyone pushed you to do your best?  He really didn’t answer me.  I think he has just been pushed to just get things done, good or bad.  Half way done, but never his best.  So how do I reach this kid?  How can I bring out his best? This is my issue.
There is also some issues with materialist that I really don’t like. I personally love Goodwill and garage sells and don’t care how much money I or anyone else makes, but there are a few kids who seem to really care and it drives me bananas. You can’t take it with you!

-Adios for now

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Making it to the NW

Making it to the NW.

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Making it to the NW


So it was a bittersweet holiday vacation to the NW to drop my husbands car of in Oregon.  In the process I shed a few tears of years gone and how I missed the feel of mist on my face.

The beaches were cold as usual and exceptional chilly the second day.  My girls played in the sand for a little bit until their hand were in pain.  So we made our trek up the coast to my favorite old hangout in Seaside.  It was chilly there too, but it was neat to see it again.  There were some physical changes on the strip and the boardwalk and strip had not changed much.  However it was the off-season and many shops were not open.

On the way to the NW, we spent Christmas Eve and a few days with my Dad for the first time since my parents divorced many moons ago.  It was good to see him and all of the family.  I met my sisters husband who is extremely nice, hard working and a  smart young man who will go far.

We then drove to SoCal and then up to the Redwoods, saw Paul Bunyan and the Ox, not to mention hundred of acres of farm land.  It was all so beautiful and part of my life over these years.  It was all part of my life I hadn’t seen for over 20 years since my mother married my now deceased step-dad.

The man who I argued with on many occasions taught me a lot.  He angered me and always shoved his opinions in my face and in turn I changed from a shy girl to a more independent woman.  This woman still doesn’t like to be told what to do, but suggesting something is good.  I learned things that many girls never will know, like changing a timing belt, mowing lawn, yard work, carpentry, laying sod, cleaning, trains, cars, manners, Southern Hospitality and a little more about God.  It was an wide array of things that filled my brain and heart.  I became a southern transplant when saying goodbye to friends and family in the NW.  I like to think I will take the good things from the South with me.  I knew he loved me and my family and I can thank God for that.  I hope he knows this in heaven. I never meant to ever say hurtful things, but I was also young and had to learn many things in my own way. Because I ended up here in the south I met my husband of over ten years now.  And now we are making our way to the NW again where I feel at home. I have missed my friends, my old Church and family, all who I love and miss.  It was so nice to see friends and family again, except I missed my brother, but will see him again soon I hope.

The south has been good to me and my two kids were created here and have learned many great things here, but next year we will be headed to the NW again…pending any job changes on my husbands end.

The dark deep woods, mountains, and lakes call my name and my heart.

I went back to a place to where I prayed as a teenager when I was angry and hurt.  Queen Mary still stands there with open arms and an open heart.  She heard my prayers then and then my prayers of thanksgiving this time when I saw her again. She did indeed intercede for my well being and for Gods will to be done.  I can not be thankful enough.

And yes, GO SEAHAWKS GO!  #12s

-Adios for now

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I am reminded of the beach when I feel a nice breeze.  However its cooling down and its feeling like fall soon.  The nights are getting cooler.  But wherever I go I will always love the feel of being at the ocean.

So far my hub is liking his job and sometimes its stressful.  He is on the ocean and sometimes docked for repairs.  We are getting some lovely pics.  I am sad he can’t be around now to really enjoy this weather. However soon in the future we will all be enjoying his presence on the West Coast.  We are also planning a surprise for the kids in December then moving next year.  So things are looking up.

I have been home sick with the yuks, that have spread throughout the school.  I am currently working a 3/4 grade classroom and teaching PE for the whole school.  I am loving it so much and I love the environment.  The kids for the most part are great!  I love getting to know all their little personalities.  Sunday my youngest had the same yuk going, but she couldn’t make it to the bathroom as well as me.  Lets just say its made its run around here and I can’t wait to feel better.

I have also been on a health kick with exercising and better nutrition. I haven’t lost a ton of weight, but slow and steady. I have lost inches and can tell when I put on clothes.  I am wondering about my hormones because I am crazy and happy one day and sad the next day.  I think I really want to have more children, but need to lose weight so I do not have gestational diabetes twice.  Granted I am not huge, but I want to be healthy and I want to have healthy kids.  Maybe there are just so many things going on around me the hormones are insane too.  Exercising is really helping though.

Speaking of which running is becoming a love of mine.  The thing is I do not feel comfortable running where were live in the country. I have ran at the gym on the treadmill and the indoor track.  Being a community gym there are many older people walking and running is like a game of chicken and somewhat dangerous for all involved.  I don’t want to hurt anyone or get hurt myself. So the treadmill and I have a good thing going.  The feeling I have after a workout is amazing.  It clears my head and I can think about many things.  I almost need to carry a notepad because I have many ideas, just like when I am in the shower.  Whats wrong with me?  I read you should always have a thought catcher or there are other terms for a thing…I pad, phone, notepad, whatever…but something to jot things, ideas down when they come to you.

So I look forward to a different environment and places to explore in the West!  There are places I want to show my children and husband in Oregon and Washington that I saw as a kid. I am sure some have changed still and other I imagine are still the same.

One more note.  The one reason I am in the state has come back to me on one night with a phone call from a family member.  The one person that brought our family to Arkansas is now suffering in a nursing home with dementia from a coronary problem and surgery.  I can say he taught me many things…changing a timing belt, a lot about God, how to mow a lawn, debating, and how not to treat my own mother.  For whatever was between them he is a human and I hate that he is suffering and may I ask God to forgive me for saying harsh words to my elder.  We had some good laughs, some cries and some serious arguments involving politics and religion, both things I have a passion for.  Sometimes you never know about a person’s past, but I hope his future is with the lord and may God forgive us all for any hurtful things we have ever said.  I am truly sorry and I pray God is with you. I hope your TV is still on loud (Probably on the weather channel) and that the ice cream is good at your Nursing home!

-Adios for now

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