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Options,waiting, Lent and You’all

Options,waiting, Lent and You'all.

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Options,waiting, Lent and You’all

I am nosy.  Its killing me to find out whether or not my husband has a new job on the West Coast.  Yep Oregon.  It would be a coming home of sorts since I haven’t lived in Washington since 1993. … Continue reading

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This time of year

  Many people have a difficult time this time of the year, because of divorce.  Being a child of divorce, its kinda of depressing thinking about how you can’t share times with both of parents.  Sometimes when I am with … Continue reading

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One semester gone…more to come and Flax seed

So this is what I have been doing.  I got an A in my class.  I sat through observation and soon I will student teach wherever I can find a school that takes me.  I did a presentation on water … Continue reading

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The Janitor and Professor

His Wisconsin accent made us laugh, but we learned about life from him.  He worked as a janitor for years after graduating with his BA and Masters in English.  He told us, life wont always come right on after graduating. … Continue reading

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Slowly moving

Why does everything seem so slow.  The fact that we don’t know what will be happening weeks from now is driving me insane.  My hub’s job could change, or he could lose it, and return to school for his Masters, … Continue reading

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Bionic Women

Since my husband has a job and insurance I am finally making it to the doctor and dentist.  It turns out I have…something suspicious in the pocket where one of wisdom teeth used to be.  So my Dentist is referring … Continue reading

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