Languages and E learning

Week seven of E learning.  Things are smoother.  However there is a lack of actual speaking and this is something I must contend with.  There is a lot of reading and writing, but now I must master using voice and video.  Having my own YouTube channel is good, but I am so nervous to talk to them online!  Do I have something green in my teeth or a something up my nose?

Not to mention I must seclude myself in a room with no noise from the animals, children and the husband.  Instead I get “Where is my brush?”, “What is for dinner?”  “She is looking at me!”  “Please braid my Barbies hair!”  In between dogs barking to be let into the new backyard area, but still pooping indoors on occasion.

I feel like I haven’t talk to my Mom enough lately.  She is working a lot as usual.  Keeping busy with a marketing group and her man friend.  He is very nice and treats her nicely.

Turns out I need to bring my flower plants indoors tonight and Friday, since its supposed to freeze and snow in parts of Wisconsin.  I was enjoying having the windows open, although the majority is sneezing from the yellow pollen covering most surfaces outside.

We bough a $200 car for the eldest.  A slow work in progress before she starts driving for real.  This should prove to be interesting.  I may need more patience.

Back to work folks!



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Busy bee, wife, mother and friend. Love the lord with all my heart!
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