Babies crying

Why is it, that whenever I witness a birth on TV or hear a newborn it makes me want to cry? A good happy cry.  In the privacy of my own home when watching “Call the Mid-wife”, I usually cry when the baby comes out.  Hormones?  Or just the power of childbirth.  It is so insane that a human can pass out a large 8 lb burrito or small turkey and be so in love with that gray looking alien.  One out of three didn’t come out screaming.  The last was was silent during the C-section birth.  Then I saw them rush her to side of room, sucking her nose and rubbing her back.  Then wham….the screaming I knew from number one and two when they were born, starting up like a machine.  To this day when any of them is crying I know which one it is.  Is it the same way with animals?  Not to mention the Mom look’s and kids look’s that don’t even need to be said.  I just know what is being thought of.  Like right now number two and three want to go on walk with the puppy, but I have correcting late work for this mid-term. I know they asked.  And I can see it in their faces.

But work calls…… I love the kids waiting till the very LAST day to turn in work.  Yes its a different time and we should be more patient.  But it seems it is the same kids that did the same thing while we were physically in the classroom.  Where do I draw the line?  At midnight tonight… on a Sunday?  Nope I will be in my bed sound asleep.  Or will I be awake worrying about these kids.  The kids that are hungry or parents having them work on the farm or other jobs right now.  Or kids getting the crap kicked out of them.  Three kids I know who have attempted to take their lives.  How did God lead me here?

I feel I am a servant sent to love, maybe tough love some days.  I know God will show me his will and he love is present in my life.  Many days I need more patience then other days.  I think many of us are feeling a little cattywampus. I will keep stepping…



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Busy bee, wife, mother and friend. Love the lord with all my heart!
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