Day after day, my life is good….

What does one do, when everyone is getting tired of each other? We try to be nice or just all go separate ways.  There are two Dogs, four cats and five humans.  Netflix, Hulu, YouTube Tv, Books, walks, treadmill and lots of naps.

Add to that staff zoom meetings, emails and more emails.  Prayer at various times of the day.

I’m watching the sneaky wind blow the tree branches outside my dining room.  The birds are hanging on and wanting to eat on the bird feeder, but its a challenge.  A pine tree guides this side of the house from any great views.  Its kind of yucky today, gray and gloomy for now.  The grass is looking better in patches, but our back yard is looking a little trashy.  Its full of toys, pieces of woods from the new fence.  The youngest decided to paint part of the fence a vivid orange.  So yeah it is good its not facing the front street.  We have character, that is what you could say.

Am I the only one who is bothered by my house being a cesspool? Toys, blankets, paperwork, laptops, and floors that Cinderella needs to sweep and mop.  The current floor person is still asleep in her stinky room.  The teenager with attitude finally saw her friend that is a boy.  First time in 5 weeks. Or six weeks….what day is it?

I brought a plant given to me when my Dad passed away, home (from my deserted, lonely Spanish) classroom, but now it sits in the back of my SUV along with a backpack of sweet teaching goods I could probably use in these last few weeks.  Maybe….do I feel that ambitious.

I am considering painting my nails.  I have been napping regularly and its wonderful and the family most likely appreciates me if it helps me be less like the Grump dwarf.  “The youngest and I read “Snow White” before bed.  She sits now in her Ana gown from “Frozen” while playing with dolls on the couch.

What feels like the start of summer is summer with lots of responsibility on my shoulders.  On the shoulder that was supposed to get a MRI on, to see if its ripped or a torn rotator cuff.  It happened during Hurrican Katrina, yeah that was 2005.  Yep mothers care about themselves last sometimes.  As well the shoulder, a breast reduction is in the future, unless we are still here arguing over whether a toddler should have another bowl of cottage cheese. Its different for Men.  Here we are Mom and maybe some Dads at home going insane inside my brain.  I should be more thankful.  Dear lord I am so glad I have a job and wont get laid off.  If so I will do whatever to take care of this crew of misfits.  I do love them! I’m just not feeling like the normal me. I do speak to sometime in the medical via the internet.  So yes I have reached out for help last year.  To quote Ignacio from “Nacho Libre” “My life is Good”.




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Busy bee, wife, mother and friend. Love the lord with all my heart!
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