Sofrito, arroz y frijoles

Today for lunch I had beans and rice.  Just that smell of Sofrito in my mind, makes me smile. Many years of great cooking from many people in my life.  I am brought back to Panama where as kids we played all over.  Meanwhile in the kitchen, that smell of onions, garlic and oil is simmered into my brain.  Today I added ham and bean soup to yellow rice and the smell was so comforting.  I hope my kids have many memories from the smells and love from their family and friends.

There was also the smell of the bug spray truck that ran through our neighborhood on the Air Force base.  Or the smell of BBQ, lechon and chicken on the grill.  We ate so good as kids.  I am so thankful that my kids and husband are not picky and that they are willing to try new food.

Have another great day!  Week five of E learning and E teaching!




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Busy bee, wife, mother and friend. Love the lord with all my heart!
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