Help and guidance these days

I felt for many months I have fallen away from my faith and maybe these difficult times have been what many needed including me.  It is giving me time with my family and time to think to myself. Even though I miss my students, I am still in touch with them.

There is so much happening in the world.  I have lived in third world countries when my Dad was in the Air Force and know how great I have it here.  The poverty and how some living in this poverty live each day like it was there last day.  I know this most likely not the end of times but being with my family and connected to God everyday is what I can do.

There are things that make me cringe, like that yucky living room and the basement!  But you know it doesn’t matter, cleaning can wait.  Writing this out is one way to help calm my brain and heart.

This picture below has some importance to me.  I was given this and a bible from my Grandmothers house after she passed away in Colorado Springs almost 7 years ago.  This framed pic, was backed with framing paper and I could hear something sliding around.  So I peeled it back.  It was a note from my Grandmother from the late 50’s.  It was her prayer for her family and husband who was gone working.  Needless to say I saw the same hand writing that I saw in her sweet letters and cards she used to write me.  A sweet but tough lady.  A lady I will never forget, who made my Mom tough too.  All these reminders of how I am loved by God and others.




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Busy bee, wife, mother and friend. Love the lord with all my heart!
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