Communication and beaches

I hear the birds chirping and see some buds on the trees outside my window.  I hear them, but they don’t hear me or ABBA playing on my radio.  “What we have here is a failure to communicate.” Cool Hand Luke I believe.  I at home on my computer trying to do E learning with my Spanish students.  They are kind of trying and some are doing great.  I read their messages and they read mine, but are we really communicating?  When I was in the classroom I felt some students were bored and then with some I could have given them more work to do or harder work.  Now it seems many aren’t even trying.  I understand students are scared and some have  no idea what is going on.

Downstairs in my own house I hear my two oldest daughters arguing over stupid things, all while my husband is down in the dungeon, the basement playing video games.  Today we got our fence stuff for a new backyard fence for the two Weiner dogs.  Now the wood and other fence junk sits in the garage out of the rain.  Dogs still peeing on puppy pads by front door like there was still a couple feet of snow outside. The front yard with a makeshift dog yard looks pretty trashy, but hey we be living large!

Do I intervene downstairs?  There is more estrogen in the house as always!  I’m going to find a quilt and lay down on the couch and imagine myself on a beach lounge chair listening to the waves.  In the sand next to me is a table with a Piña Colada waiting for the first sip.  I am reading a book for pleasure and will enjoy it.  When it gets too warm I will wade in the warm waters.  Then come back and lay on my chair till the sun and wind dry me off.  I would feel like Shirley Valentine in Greece, loving life.  I love my life here with my kids, but a mini-vacation to some sun and a warm beach that in not in the Midwest would be wonderful.  A mini escape from Quarantine  and the Corona virus, like Tom Hanks and Wilson on the island.  Rather than Wilson I would probably be chatting with God about life and love.  Many of the best memories of life in my 43 years has been at the beach.  I could use a little beach right now and a kleenex.



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Busy bee, wife, mother and friend. Love the lord with all my heart!
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