That girl

In about a week, we will move, open boxes and settle into a new place. My eldest will start a new year in a new school, in a new town and in a new state.  I just hope she meets a good friend, like my friend Sarah from the 4th grade.

I was the new kid once, yeah that was me. Brand new to the class I believe part way thru the year. We became good friends and found out we lived up the street from each other.  We both had single moms and brothers that made us crazy.   We talked on the phone, we walked to the store for candy, we rode bikes, we did so many crazy things for years until we moved again my Junior year of high school.  Even the night before I left we hung out and I cried all the way home because I knew I would miss my friend.  We wrote for years and our letters have slowed down but then the internet came along and our phones still ring.  I can not be more thankful for her and her friendship.  Thankful she showed me around the first day.
This is what I hope for my eldest daughter especially after our 14 hour trip to Wisconsin.  I hope she finds that girl, Sarah.



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