Moving vans, dancing, friends and Wisconsin


In a couple of weeks we are off on another adventure.  I can not wait since I am at home with two kids and a two dogs while I pack.  The goal is to keep the kids busy while I pack boxes and more boxes.  It sounds reasonable right?  So far I am almost done with one room.
I am going thru stuff that has been here since 2013, not to long but most of this stuff we have had for over  7 years and some for 11 years. It brings back many memories of many good times and some hard times we have had.  We have been broke, we have worked two jobs, sometimes I worked three jobs before I was married.  Now we completely  value the importance of education.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be a college education, but life skills.  Whether becoming a plumber or Dentist, teacher, or Geologist, they all have their place in our world.  As a teacher I plan to push this so much more.  If you are a floor guy and want to install floors, find out everything you can and the business aspect of it.  Learn everyday, learn something new everyday if you can.  It will keep that brain fresh!

Next month we will have been married for 11 years.  Two kids, two dogs, two Bachelor degrees and two Masters Degrees that we are still working on.  11 years of sarcasm and love.

This husband of mine is something! He is working so hard for us.  I am not going to lie, this last year has been grueling.  If it wasn’t for teaching and school work I would be more crazy than I am now.  He spent a year in Alaska on a ship as an Hydrographer and now off to Wisconsin.  It was a sacrifice for both of us and the family.  It was difficult to be without a dad and husband. I knew how this was when I was younger with my Dad in the Air Force, but being a wife and mother now is very different.  Am I doing the right things?  Will my kids need therapy from watching me cry at Hallmark movies or the sight of me dancing in the kitchen.  I don’t know but whatever takes my mind off being away from the man I married 11 years ago.  Soon again we will be together…will we want to strangle each other…who knows?
The idea of a cooler Wisconsin sounds so good right now seeing how last weekend I was in Dallas and literally is was 106 degrees, not that heat index, but the actual temp.  Here in Arkansas its only a balmy 93.  I look forward to some colder weather.  Everyone who hears we are moving says, “Whoa its gets very cold and those winters are harsh!”  I then say “I look forward to the cold weather.”  I dislike taking a shower and instantly sweating the minute you walk to your car. Whats wrong with me you ask?   I was born on the equator or nearly on the equator in Panama and it was hot and humid there.  I was a kid, we played outside a lot and swam and there was a breeze.  It was tropical all the time.  Here there is two seasons, hot and not so hot, but always humid.  A part of me will miss this state and the people I have met and the friends I have made.  Both of my kids were born here.  I met my husband here, so I am a southern implant, but I look forward to the North.

How different will this be for us?  We know one person in the next state over, our best man in our wedding and one of my hubs best friends.  This will be good for them, who experienced a tour of war together with the 173rd.  The gents have our backs.  The guy who drove 17 hours from Fort Bragg to get my husband drunk and sunburned before my wedding. This is was Army buddies do, don’t they? We have experienced, weddings, funerals, breakups, births, and lots of drama among all these gentleman and their families.  I would say they are a tight group. To this day many struggle to understand how they stay so close, this bond of war that bound them.  I recently watched “American Sniper” and thinking about it later I think many people try to understand like me, is how there is such a bond between these men, whether or not they wanted to be there or not?  I am pretty sure they would do most things asked of each other at the drop of a dime.  This I can totally respect.  They understand each other and they can talk about stuff I don’t understand. Sometimes I think it’s better I don’t know. Knowing death and living.  We are trying to understand living now while I know every day they still remember the time of constant death and sorrow that they experienced during this one tour. This among many other tours they all had around the world.  Now how do they live as civilians?

How will we do this in Wisconsin?  Its just another start for us.  I shall be looking soon for another teaching job or contemplating homeschooling.  We will weigh our options!  For now I can’t wait to not sweat so much! Watch out kids Mom is still going to dance in front of the fan!

-Adios for now


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