Work and Economics

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Back to Alaska for my husband. Tour number tour.  More mapping to be done. We are sad….One year we have seen him twice.

So it comes as no surprise to myself that I have not updated in awhile because it has been complete chaos here. The hub is applying for jobs on land so we can see him more than twice a year.  Mind you its a fantastic job and has helped him work on his Masters Thesis and Masters project.  Apparently a year on this ship is normal and many people try to move on to different positions or to a different organization.  Its not a job that is great for families.  Especially if you are trying to grow one.
This topic is heavy on my heart.  Only twice in one year makes it difficult to have more children. This month I felt bad and thought I was pregnant, but alas…nope. Sad days.  Sadly I know I shouldn’t compare myself to others but its spring and there are babies everywhere.  Going to be 39 over the summer.  Feels like my odds are getting worse.  Either way its God’s will when and If we will have any more.

So back to studying for my re-take of the Praxis II, where I need to study more on Economics and Psychology to raise my test score to 161 from 157 to pass. The odds are looking good for a job in the DC/Baltimore area for the hub. If not plans to move to Oregon are still there, but we will still be without the hub who is off to the Arctic and back to Alaska. I think Jacques Cousteau whenever I picture this boat! So far thru pictures we have seen some beautiful parts of the world. Now they are off to survey them some more.
School has truly kept me so busy.  PE is very fun, sometimes frustrating but good to help kids get active. Still my love is in the afternoon with Social Studies and reading. I think being a Librarian would be great as well.  But teaching is wonderful as well.  I love hearing their ideas and funny stories.  However it can be mentally taxing knowing some kids are not so loved at home as I had imagined some were.  A good mustache is in place for some of them where some little hearts are being broken. They put on a great front, but things are rough for some of them.  Some act out in ways to get attention.  It drives me sad. I will never forget how cool it was to see my mom helping in the library as a kid.  I may have not said it, but I loved it.  So being in my eldest classroom is fun, but also confusing sometimes for her. The wee little one is having separation anxiety too, so its a double edged sword.  Anyway, I love what I am doing but I can totally see where burnout comes for teachers who work so hard for their students. I know this is hopeful but to have parents who push them to do their best is what is helpful.  Sadly I know not every student has this, but it helps them so much.
More later while things are cooking!



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