Back to the Dentist


Yep this is what I imagine when I think of the dentist!  Half of my crown came off last March and I am now I finally got it together to call the Dentist for an apt. I really dread it.  Just half of it came of while I was having lunch in my classroom of 4/5 year olds.  It was awesome to pull it out of my mouth, then I had to explain what it was. Needless to say I was irritated.  I loved the previous dentist in LA who put it on and it looked lovely and the experience in itself was nice for a change.  However he felt obliged to tell me on an xray that there is a spot on my xrays that looked odd and that I had checked out for CANCER.  However after some cash later it looks fine.  But if I ever came down with CANCER I should mention this area of my jaw as well.  WHAT?  It was a weird experience in Baton Rouge.  Since the 6th grade in Washington I have been going to the Dentist and Orthodontist. Yes I love my teeth now, but they had some serious work done. So I try to take care of them, but I scared to spend more time again in that dentist chair!

I have been teaching PE and it has been great!  Then in the afternoon I assist in the 3/4th grade classroom.  Its such a good experience and I learning so many techniques and also getting to know students quirks and attitudes about everything.  My heart breaks for those who struggle mentally, emotionally and physically at doing different things.  Each of them has their own gift and also certain struggles.  It is amazing to watch them carry their crosses.  Interesting as well is to see my daughter.  She is a good student, yes I am bias.  But recently I had a conversation with another student about doing their best.  I asked has anyone pushed you to do your best?  He really didn’t answer me.  I think he has just been pushed to just get things done, good or bad.  Half way done, but never his best.  So how do I reach this kid?  How can I bring out his best? This is my issue.
There is also some issues with materialist that I really don’t like. I personally love Goodwill and garage sells and don’t care how much money I or anyone else makes, but there are a few kids who seem to really care and it drives me bananas. You can’t take it with you!

-Adios for now


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  1. The sight of this drill and the word Dentist horrify me.

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