Making it to the NW


So it was a bittersweet holiday vacation to the NW to drop my husbands car of in Oregon.  In the process I shed a few tears of years gone and how I missed the feel of mist on my face.

The beaches were cold as usual and exceptional chilly the second day.  My girls played in the sand for a little bit until their hand were in pain.  So we made our trek up the coast to my favorite old hangout in Seaside.  It was chilly there too, but it was neat to see it again.  There were some physical changes on the strip and the boardwalk and strip had not changed much.  However it was the off-season and many shops were not open.

On the way to the NW, we spent Christmas Eve and a few days with my Dad for the first time since my parents divorced many moons ago.  It was good to see him and all of the family.  I met my sisters husband who is extremely nice, hard working and a  smart young man who will go far.

We then drove to SoCal and then up to the Redwoods, saw Paul Bunyan and the Ox, not to mention hundred of acres of farm land.  It was all so beautiful and part of my life over these years.  It was all part of my life I hadn’t seen for over 20 years since my mother married my now deceased step-dad.

The man who I argued with on many occasions taught me a lot.  He angered me and always shoved his opinions in my face and in turn I changed from a shy girl to a more independent woman.  This woman still doesn’t like to be told what to do, but suggesting something is good.  I learned things that many girls never will know, like changing a timing belt, mowing lawn, yard work, carpentry, laying sod, cleaning, trains, cars, manners, Southern Hospitality and a little more about God.  It was an wide array of things that filled my brain and heart.  I became a southern transplant when saying goodbye to friends and family in the NW.  I like to think I will take the good things from the South with me.  I knew he loved me and my family and I can thank God for that.  I hope he knows this in heaven. I never meant to ever say hurtful things, but I was also young and had to learn many things in my own way. Because I ended up here in the south I met my husband of over ten years now.  And now we are making our way to the NW again where I feel at home. I have missed my friends, my old Church and family, all who I love and miss.  It was so nice to see friends and family again, except I missed my brother, but will see him again soon I hope.

The south has been good to me and my two kids were created here and have learned many great things here, but next year we will be headed to the NW again…pending any job changes on my husbands end.

The dark deep woods, mountains, and lakes call my name and my heart.

I went back to a place to where I prayed as a teenager when I was angry and hurt.  Queen Mary still stands there with open arms and an open heart.  She heard my prayers then and then my prayers of thanksgiving this time when I saw her again. She did indeed intercede for my well being and for Gods will to be done.  I can not be thankful enough.

And yes, GO SEAHAWKS GO!  #12s

-Adios for now


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Busy bee, wife, mother and friend. Love the lord with all my heart!
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2 Responses to Making it to the NW

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  2. blankenmom says:

    It sounds like you took the same route we did when we came back. Funny that you felt so comforted by your return, while I felt out of place. I’m glad you are back!

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