I am reminded of the beach when I feel a nice breeze.  However its cooling down and its feeling like fall soon.  The nights are getting cooler.  But wherever I go I will always love the feel of being at the ocean.

So far my hub is liking his job and sometimes its stressful.  He is on the ocean and sometimes docked for repairs.  We are getting some lovely pics.  I am sad he can’t be around now to really enjoy this weather. However soon in the future we will all be enjoying his presence on the West Coast.  We are also planning a surprise for the kids in December then moving next year.  So things are looking up.

I have been home sick with the yuks, that have spread throughout the school.  I am currently working a 3/4 grade classroom and teaching PE for the whole school.  I am loving it so much and I love the environment.  The kids for the most part are great!  I love getting to know all their little personalities.  Sunday my youngest had the same yuk going, but she couldn’t make it to the bathroom as well as me.  Lets just say its made its run around here and I can’t wait to feel better.

I have also been on a health kick with exercising and better nutrition. I haven’t lost a ton of weight, but slow and steady. I have lost inches and can tell when I put on clothes.  I am wondering about my hormones because I am crazy and happy one day and sad the next day.  I think I really want to have more children, but need to lose weight so I do not have gestational diabetes twice.  Granted I am not huge, but I want to be healthy and I want to have healthy kids.  Maybe there are just so many things going on around me the hormones are insane too.  Exercising is really helping though.

Speaking of which running is becoming a love of mine.  The thing is I do not feel comfortable running where were live in the country. I have ran at the gym on the treadmill and the indoor track.  Being a community gym there are many older people walking and running is like a game of chicken and somewhat dangerous for all involved.  I don’t want to hurt anyone or get hurt myself. So the treadmill and I have a good thing going.  The feeling I have after a workout is amazing.  It clears my head and I can think about many things.  I almost need to carry a notepad because I have many ideas, just like when I am in the shower.  Whats wrong with me?  I read you should always have a thought catcher or there are other terms for a thing…I pad, phone, notepad, whatever…but something to jot things, ideas down when they come to you.

So I look forward to a different environment and places to explore in the West!  There are places I want to show my children and husband in Oregon and Washington that I saw as a kid. I am sure some have changed still and other I imagine are still the same.

One more note.  The one reason I am in the state has come back to me on one night with a phone call from a family member.  The one person that brought our family to Arkansas is now suffering in a nursing home with dementia from a coronary problem and surgery.  I can say he taught me many things…changing a timing belt, a lot about God, how to mow a lawn, debating, and how not to treat my own mother.  For whatever was between them he is a human and I hate that he is suffering and may I ask God to forgive me for saying harsh words to my elder.  We had some good laughs, some cries and some serious arguments involving politics and religion, both things I have a passion for.  Sometimes you never know about a person’s past, but I hope his future is with the lord and may God forgive us all for any hurtful things we have ever said.  I am truly sorry and I pray God is with you. I hope your TV is still on loud (Probably on the weather channel) and that the ice cream is good at your Nursing home!

-Adios for now


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Busy bee, wife, mother and friend. Love the lord with all my heart!
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1 Response to Fall…Autumn

  1. Aggie Lee says:

    I love this! I’m so excited to read all of your posts. I hope you’re doing well and can’t wait to see you!

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