That dog who pooped under my bed at 0204

Its 0204 and I wake up and smell dog poo.  These weren’t the words that went through my head, but poo is the word I use now.  Of course one of the dogs had made a poo under my bed in the middle of the night.  Why not?  Right I let you out, I even gave a towel to burrow under.  I even let you sleep on the carpeted side of the house.  The younger puppy/the rookie was locked in her crate, I would expect this from her with her digging holes in the yard, pooping in random places and frolicking with all the neighborhood dogs.  This I expect, but not the Veteran, the only male in the house these days.  
I get up, turn on the light to awake the rest of the clan.  To only find out I can’t reach the poo, because its strategically placed just far enough my tired mothering arms can’t reach.  Oh it smells and I am reminded of being pregnant and puking all the time when certain scents brought that feeling.  You know that feeling…that slow cough, that tears in your eyes.  So I had to get up off the floor in my new nightgown and wake my eldest child to see if her arms were skinnier than  mine and to see if she could reach the steaming pile of poo.  But nope my short Latina arms and my eldest child’s arms failed as well. My desperation is showing at this point.  I want to curse. I let out a few non-classy words, but they were half-asleep. My anger got the best of me.  The veteran dog was no where to be found of course.  He was hiding in the kitchen on the tile floor where he could have pooped with very little clean-up.  Why would he do that when he could poop under my bed to enlighten me.  So we brought in the big guns, the fly swatter to transport the poo out from under the bed. After picking it off the fly swatter I realize the veteran had a premature poop on the towel I  left for him to snuggle and burrow in.  How I realized this premature poop is fantastic at 0208. It was that warm feeling of poo squeezing in between my beautiful manicured toes. I thought I was done with poo and vomit since my youngest was out of diapers, but no.  Dog poo strikes again at the best time.  Never I repeat never, is waking up to the smell of poo a fun moment for anyone involved.  Every time I wake at these hours it takes me long to get back to bed, and having another baby and changing poo or pee in the middle of the night just does’t sound appealing again.  Maybe this feeling will fade again, but I am so tired of poo.

Please look on to the culprits!  Aren’t they so cute?

The innocent pooper, never guilty.




Feb2012 046


The puppy who sleeps in crate


These two make this family laugh and at times make me want to cry….and curse at 0204.



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1 Response to That dog who pooped under my bed at 0204

  1. blankenmom says:

    Oh how I hear you! The pug has decided our bed (usually our pillow) is the perfect toilet. I’ve never owned a dog this brave. She’s becoming very acquainted with her kennel.

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