Baseball and my father, what I have learned as a 37 year old woman

Growing up as an Air Force brat we were often in some different places across the world and sometimes not in the United States.  My father was born and spent his younger years till the age of nine in Puerto Rico, the “Island of Enchantment”. Growing up like many he played baseball and soccer, boxed, sang and lastly loved them all.  At nine he was sent to live with relatives in New York City in the Bronx, where any young man who loved baseball fell in love with the New York Yankees. So while we were across the world, sometimes if the station was available we were able to catch a Yankees game at random times of the day or night, or a replay of a game.


New York Yankees


This “Viejo”, old man, passed this passion of sports down to me. While on the other side of the world as kids we participated in sports and watched our parents play them as well with many military leagues, friends and family.  It was just part of life growing up.  

Now at 37, almost 38, yuk our relationship is what I think most women have with their dads.  I am not sure how many women can talk intensely with their father. My Dad is 68 now.  I grew up in  a time where my Dad came and went to work everyday and on weekends he did yard work, the usual manly things, because most of the time he was tired and worn from work.  We weren’t chummy and we didn’t have life changing conversations most days.  Times have changed you know, its just different.  I don’t know if my love for sports is just a way to speak to my dad, or is it because I love sports and the pride it brings?  It is helpful when our 5 minutes phone calls get dull, we discuss sports.  However because I am obsessed with the Yankees, MLB and NFL, Soccer and college football we have a lot to talk about.  Do I know he loves me, yes.  But its not a sappy love.  Its not a story line for a Hallmark movie!
This is what I know about Baseball and my dad. I watched an interview with Derek Jeter on the night of the All-Star game and he discussed his work ethic.  He described why and how hard he works.  This emulates much of what my Dad is about.  The guy, my father worked all his life, and he was the man who took responsibilities when they were offered to him.  He told me once if you are offered position of responsibility, take it, and do it well.  When I look back I spent much of  my younger years, just doing what was enough to get by, but now having two kids of my own I know what he was saying.  It means taking extra batting practice, showing up on time, and being respectable on and off the field. We all have some sort of batting practice or things that need to be, so we need to do it well.  Its sad a icon, a part of baseball and part of my life… is retiring  this year and I hope they make the post-season once again. I know my Dad and I will be watching in different time zones. I know we love baseball and I know he loves me. I have been around the world with him and seen the reality of the world and I know some things bring people together, whether baseball, soccer/futbol, or cricket.  Love is what is matters.


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