Options,waiting, Lent and You’all

I am nosy.  Its killing me to find out whether or not my husband has a new job on the West Coast.  Yep Oregon.  It would be a coming home of sorts since I haven’t lived in Washington since 1993.  Wow, twenty years on Superbowl Sunday this year.  There are so many questions, places to live, schools, and getting there.  Will anyone notice I have a Southern accent now?  Do I still make Sweet tea?  What if I say “You’all” to my students.  Will I teach there or maybe homeschool……my hair is on fire.  
I know I should leave this all in God’s hands, but part of me is worried, afraid, and excited.  Like jumping out of a plane.  Nope my old paratrooper husband would probably disagree on that feeling.  I would be near family and old friends again.  Would my Mom follow back too eventually?
I remember studying “Manifest Destiny” in college….highly debated.  However this theory was looked at… American Values, An Agrarian society(A good farmer I am not), and the destiny to move west and to recreate old world. I am not a imperialist.  I don’t think our poor farming skills in our back field will help us.  However there are tons of farmers markets in the NW that I can’t wait to frequent.  I won’t make any land acquisitions because I don’t know how long my husband will need to work on the coast at this location. While expansion in the west earlier in History may have been forced.  I do wish to expand our wings back to the place I feel as home.  I was/am a southern implant.  People always ask me “You’re not from here are you?”  Really?  Look at me, my parents are from Puerto Rico and Colorado and I have a great tan… I was not born (Dixie) South of the Mason Dixon Line.



 You’ll can guarantee that!  I am fixing to get off here and drink some sweet tea and make dinner and I will try not to dwell on our jumbled future.  God this is yours.  I will give this to prayer during this Lenten Season.



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Busy bee, wife, mother and friend. Love the lord with all my heart!
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2 Responses to Options,waiting, Lent and You’all

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  2. blankenmom says:

    And that’s all you can do!

    And as a mil wife you should already know you’ll walk into a room and say “Hey ya’ll!” (Or you’all if you’ve been to the southern coast line). Pour yourself a glass of sweet tea, drive faster when the sun is out and never own an umbrella. You pick up a little something from everywhere you go and it makes you that much better of a person! As does the waiting. ❤

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