The Hot Humid South, Humor, Softball, the “Derecho”

ImageHere I sit finishing a test and starting a long paper for one of four classes I have left to finish my Masters.  I miss the family so much.  I will be back on Sunday and I will resume watching my eldest play softball, something she really likes and has fun doing.  I miss the youngest talking to me in her language she is discovering and the “Fake” laugh!  I do miss the hub’s sarcasm especially because I think my brother and wife aren’t so sarcastic and don’t see so much humor in life.  Can a person literally laugh too much?  I say no, because you have to be willing to laugh at yourself especially.  Come on God has a great sense of humor…look at some animals and farts.  Tell me you haven’t cracked a laugh when a fart came about at the most interesting time.  Tell me now you are thinking of a funny moment now!  You may be laughing to yourself now.  Trust me to all those refined people…it does happen.  We so called un-refined, educated people fart too.  Is this entry getting too gutter?  Nah!
Which brings me to my next subject…LOVE.  Yes how can love and farts come together?  Well, love brings comfort and respect.  My thesis to my newest paper has to do with Love and Respect in the classroom.  However if I write about Love in the Public school classroom this may be a little more tricky.  So I may concentrate on the character value of Respect in the Secondary Classroom…my views on Education.  I think it is possible to display Love in a caring way in the classroom, not the amor between lovers, but love that brings respect.  Its being open to new ideas and sharing old ideas.  Having a respectful dialouge. Love and respect where you feel secure enough to express your ideas, even with constructive criticism. This I believe would be a ideal environment for Secondary Students.  So we will see in the next few days what other research I find and then I will have my Hub, the grammar guru tear it apart when I come home.  Home is where my heart is.
However between now and then a “Derecho” is supposed to come through this area of Virginia and surrounding areas.  The old “Derecho” which literally means “Right” in Espanol…Spanish, is a culmination of thunderstorms, rain and high winds.  The last one did damage here  and in the D.C. area last year and left many with power outages while it was humid hot.  It looks like it is going to be cooler after the “Derecho” blows on thru…so if we lose power…maybe we won’t perspire so much!  Southern women don’t sweat they…GLISTEN!  Please!  Ladies and gents, maybe put on a extra layer of Deodorant please!  

Alas, I really miss my own home and bed.  What is it about your own bed?  How can one miss your own bathroom and your stuff?  Living in this suitcase is for business people..I am not this good at traveling this long.  Well actually I am good at traveling and can pack for that, but this is living in one place for two weeks while doing homework and attending class…not so much. Not to much excitement..except being cooked for every night by my lovely Sister-in-law.  God bless you and yours!  Watch out for the “Derecho”…..keep your eyes on the weather!



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